Instant Shield

A swep that makes a 200 units by 200 units wall shoot out of the ground to protect the player from incoming rockets/bullets when the player left-clicks. And it disappears when the player right-clicks

I support this.

The diagram is… intresting

so your looking for a swep that makes a big prop wall weld to the ground with 1st fire and remove with 2nd fire

Not weld persay, I imagined a prop wall rise from the ground but yea disappear with right click. And if a new one is made when an old one still exists, the old one disappears automaticly.

The wall should detonate rockets and the likes, but bullets should bounce.


:smiley: This sounds epic

Im on it :c00l:

Thanks alot man I canot wait for this.

I just had an idea.

I have been using the kill streaks thinge somone made so. Can you make it so it is binded to a key and you can only use it once every few minutes ?

This is a really simple implementation of it. Run /shield in the console and a shield will lurch out of the ground. You can configure how long it lasts and how much damage it can soak before going away with two convars:



It’s not quite what you wanted, but anyone is welcome to use this to properly finish the OP’s request or for whatever they want.

Close to finishing up, jus need to fix an offset problem and add the 2nd attack function to remove the wall should be done by tomorrow.

Ok here is my attempt at the shield, small improvements to be made. And if anyone can tell me how to stop the rocket damaging through the wall would be great.

Take note that if you are to close to the shield / fence that pops up the blast radius of the rocket is too large for it to be blocked so you will stil get killed - but everythin else works.

You should use a model that everyone has, maybe the dumpster lid, since it’s pretty much the same size.

not everybody has the fence model ??
i dont have episode 1 or 2 e.t.c just normal half life so i thought people did

Hmmm I like Kogitsune’s more. His you can see threw and it rises out of the ground. Plus it has health and you can set how long it has to stay up for in console.


hell his even binds to a key for easy acces.

yeah i was gunna add my own user interface and stuff later on for health etc jus wanted to get what the guy asked for out there first :slight_smile:

Bearing in mind that this is WhiTAkeRs second script ever, I personally think it is very good.


I was talking to Kogitsune, his uses a custom model, didn’t you see the quote?