instantly headshot

I hoped I record it. In us central 5 official server. there are like 200+people online. A airdrop came, one kavler guy with p250. killed 20 ppl. 1 v20. every hit is headshot. he could instantly headshot even his back. we all died in 10sec. plz fix this bug. If anyone was there, plz support me in this thread.

Disco believes that this is called ‘Aimbot’.

Report the profile, we don’t give a shit here. We are all aware of it.

Not a bug, I came across a person that Long Ranged in my BASE with a damn shotgun ALWAYS HEADSHOT!
He/She was a Chinese person called ‘Mitu’.

Get ready to be banned from Postal ‘(user banned for this post (“Missed hacker report thread”) -postal)’

Disco should not refer to himself in the third person, it makes him look retarded.

I thought it was funny.

hello, we were 3 in full kevlar m4 etc and this guy killed us with mp5+silencer …we moving, strafe but every his shoot in head , we 3 dead in 5 seconds. if u need for logs he killed me ( impos) pepe and mеrlin server UK1, we are pro we playing 200+h…this guy playing rust only 15 hour …so im sure he useing aim… this his profile (befor he killed me with my friends 2 times)
and he was with his friend him too)
p.s. now im sure he have WH too…he saw me every where …i hide mass times but he allways founded me

plz where admins guys…help plz…we cant do anything…every time…only headshots instant dead…where UR valve anti cheat…make admins come online and check it…he got all cargo drop we cant farm we cant play…

the devs are the only admins on the official server

so?? how to call them for help?

you cant, you will have to report their accounts

yea pro tip is dont play on official servers because they are basically unmoderated i hear, you need to find player owned servers who have active admins that dont cheat

Just a recap

Valve relies on the automated ban system, either the Dev team or Valve has to configure VAC to stop them.