Instead Of Censorship, How About Something Else?

While I can play the game without censorship, I prefer to have it censored. However, I think a better alternative for those who want it censored would be underwear, loincloths, or a grass skirt of some sort? It would still keep the the primitive feel but would allow more proper censorship.

What do you guys think?

Right now there is a choice between the two, I think any other option would leave both parties unhappy.

What do you mean?

I’m suggesting for more censorship options, I’m not sure how that could make people unhappy.

What more options could you have other than true/false?

Did you not read my post?

I did read it, and a ragged pair of pants is what you have right now if you put censor.nudity true in the console.
I’m not sure I understand here.

Censorship puts pants? I thought it just did a blur.

Sorry for my post then.

it should just put undies tbh :stuck_out_tongue: i left it off for that reason, easier to tell who rly wears nothing.

I’m pretty sure the cloth pants we see now is just a quick fix when Steam asked Garry to censor the game because the pixelation blurs would appear through solid objects and give away players’ positions. So we get the pants until they figure something out.

It’s fine as it is… imo they shouldn’t waste any second on that.

I really don’t give 2 shits if my character spawns with a leave infront of his banana or pants.

You can get cloth pants within 15 minuts anyways.(or even better)

I think this game should be rated M, to keep most children away from it.
So what if we have dudes running around nude, it gives a more archaic feel.
When they add females it would be the same, they just need to add more clothing.
Different types that you can find and craft.

I think you don’t understand childrens logic
E (for everyone) games : Petting cats and brushing horses