Instrument Holding

Hello Lua Section. I’m a mapper, and I’m making a brand new concert map. I really want to make it so that a player can pick up a guitar/grip a mic stand/play with drum sticks/slam on a synth, as other players from the crowd can watch. But I really have no idea how.

Basically, my idea is:

Guitars and bass guitars:
Backstage, there is a collection of guitars. The player can walk up to any of them, and hit their USE key, and it automatically puts their guitar on. They can walk around with the guitar, and the guitar will stay on them. when they get to the stage, the left click strums their hand down, and right click strums it up. When they want to take the guitar off, they just hit E again. [Only one guitar can be put on at once]

Mic stands:
These are found on the stage. The player can walk up to them and hit E, and it will bring their hands to the stand, grip it, and then wherever they move, the mic stand comes with them, realistically. So if they turn and walk sideways and walk sideways, the mic will come with them.

There are drum sticks backstage. The player can pick them up two at a time, [Using E] and then the left click hits the left hand down, and the right click hits the right hand down. If the drummer wants to stylishly thow the sticks into the crowd as many musicians do, they just hit E, and they go flying forward.

A player can walk up to a synth/piano and hit E, (possibly WITH another instrument in hand) and the left click plays keys, as the right click adjusts random knobs on the controller.

Is this at all possible? Should I be posting this in the gamemodes section?
If it is possible, can anyone give me a guide on where to start with LUA scripting?

It certainly is possible but most of it would require custom models viewmodels and animations if you want it to look good. And if it doesn’t look good it’s not really worth making. :smile:

I already have models for every instrument. Thanks. I will get to work right now :smile: