Insult, Racist

this guys being racist alot in [hongkong 1] server

Here his profile link



btw here being alot racist ,everybody know , he do that everyday.

It said this server owned by facepunch, Will he get ban?

Probably not (though he might get a server ban), the server i’m playing on has a feature that can mute player chat and voice. The admin can globally mute the player if it gets out of hand (usually only because of spam, racism is a relatively minor issue)

As DCWarHound says, probably not, but we can all write him and tell him he is a c*nt. And do that forever.

However, that said - swearing towards a nationality, is not racism by definition. I wouldnt ban him for that, just kick him 10 times. Probably destroy his has too. Punishment has many names.

learn to ignore the remarks

many rust players can be mean and dont even know that words could trigger other players.
just dont mind those guys, every human is awesome, they just dont know it yet.


SAYS THE RACIST HIMSELF LA, he trash talked me first after killing my friend he suddenly went racist and i just talk back

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hi luckymix we are going to raid u when u logout today for submitting false report even though u started it urself

i started first? why u keep lieing , u said i gay and insult my dad . look at his screen shot , he said me gay , but before he said me gay, he insult my dad.

??? u trash talked 1st and broke our alliance with craz by killing my team mate and u suddenly went racist

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now ur chickening out? u are so good at trash talking ingame but in forum u’re a chicken?

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his steam account

stop lieing , broke alliance is not breaking rule , u being racist is breaking rule

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i don’t like to with this guys , i didnt trash talking with him , he are lieing , he the only one keep insulting me, im uploading video , i will prove he lieing

You two lovebirds should probably get a hotel room, rent a couple of movies, and let things happen. You’ll both feel better in the morning. These forums are really no place for a lover’s quarrel. :smug:

It was probably your Cousin