Insurgency PMC's

Is anyone able to re-rig this guy from Insurgency?

I would like to have him rigged like the Counter Strike: Source player models since that is compatible with a phy file I always use for scenes.

These guys contain the phy file I use.

I basically want the Models and Materials folders with the re-rigged guys (I’m hoping some of this makes sense, this is the best I can elaborate) I would also like them to be finger posable if anyone is even able to hook me up with these guys.

im currently working on one of them, in the process of rigging. though its the light, ill probably move to the heavy

Thanks for letting me know! Should I expect a release within a month? Usually model releases take a while from what I can gather.

maybe something like that, im still learning the ropes of rigging, but hopefully i can produce a quality rig.

The proportions on the models are pretty meh. But I have some reskins of them too if you’d want em.