Insurgency Props & Models help need it.

Does anyone knows where i can get the Props & Models for Insurgency,
i been trying to find those but couldn’t find anything about yet.
If anyone knows anything about how i can get them if possible please reply.


Someone uploaded packs of them to under the name insurgency content.

Thanks for the link Overwatch pvt, but i can’t download them it’s ask me for log in to download? I’m already log in my account.

If you havent logged into sepratly yet you do have to.You still have to login to gmod even if your logged in to steam.

An easier way, is to go install Insurgency through Steam. Let it finish, startup the game at least once (maybe play a map too, because it might help precache everything because they get rendered) and then mount it in Garry’s Mod (at least if it’s listed as mountable)

It cant be mounted in gmod 10,only 13.