Insurgency roleplay?

I just realized this today but whats with the lack of Iraq War/Insurgency roleplay servers? I think there is one, but its really bad.

Because a Role-play based on a war-zone usually doesn’t go as planned

Eh, true, but I would expect there to be at least two or three, even if they are god awful.

If you want War RP the closest you can get is joining one of those random mingy dark rp servers, its basically war 24/7 in those anyways.

I lol’d.

War RP is fun, but you generally get retards that can take over 9000 bullets in the face

You could do like American Soldiers occupying a Iraqi town and make it a serious RP.

War RP? The title itself sounds contradictory in nature. Just play on a standard, normal RP server and start killing CP’s or random civilians.

Agree with him.

Insurgency wouldn’t work out too well. You need someone who is very dedicated, and someone who knows how to roleplay correctly. Modifying a Dark Rp script isn’t going to work out as expected. I remember a server just like this along time ago, I seen noone roleplaying at all. Admin was flying around in a helicopter mowing down pedestrians, and since It was military roleplay, civilians should of never even been in the action. No whitelist or blacklist system, minges could easily get the jobs and shoot people. It doesn’t go as expected because there will always flaws in servers like these. I advise that you look for something else. Either wait for something to spring up, or look for something else. You are wasting your precious time.

An average garrysmod player cannot and doesn’t want to roleplay seriously.

Sadly, as I said before, it also seems that when the average Gmod player reads the letters “RP” they misread it as “deathmatch.”

Get Arma II Operation arrowhead or Arma II. Roleplaying is dead in GMod, give up already. If you want good roleplay, move to Arma II and it’s variants.

Heh, I was just about to post about ArmA roleplay but saw Lau did. ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead has some good roleplay servers where you can get stuff like Terrorist Training and launch attacks. The only server I would recommend is AEF Takistan Life but it has a few bad admins. It has a great script but it’s an Australian server so if you’re American you’re gonna have to get on at odd times to play with people but it’s usually full when the Aussies are up.

Great server! I’ve played there, I love it, Zargabad life is good too.

You don’t need guns to rp!!! (Even in a war zone)

ok tnb

you actually don’t, darkrp.

I say that the best RP happens in build servers. Since you are all just having a laugh. I have had some pretty epic wars in build servers.