Insurgency Security ragdolls with a flexible .phy

I recently started to play more to Insurgency, and i found that it’s models KINDLY work in Gmod, just that the default physics are really stiff in terms of pose. I managed myself to add them compatibility with Toe and Finger posing to the security guys (Eye posing works great on insurgents), but i couldn’t get them to work in-game with some new and more flexible physics without crashing it. If someone can do some with them, i’ll give many thanks. These are guys that i’d like to see with a new phy’s, reference image:

Here’s a download link for them in case someone wants to give it a try (insurgents included, just to say…) :


I dont want to make a clon thread


Again, i didn’t wanted to make a clon thread, but just wondering, is there any chance for someone to change theyr bone names to the Valve Biped ones this time?

should work

You don’t know how much i love you right now man (no homo). Thanks a ton dude, seriously