Insurgency Swep Final

Out of date/New thread opening soon.


ZOMGF ive been waiting for this since i joined your server, keep it up

The people who made SMOD tactical somehow got 3d scopes to work perfectly in hl2 single player maps. Maybe ask them how they did it?

SMOD doesnt use Lua.

This, Indeed

They use C++ coding, not Lua scripting.

Whoa there’s been like 4 threads on this

2 actually… The only reason i made a new one is to pretty much put it out there so people could see it was the new one.

Nice, you finally finished it. thanks Wizey!

Not done yet… Since people wanted world models in the previous thread, i had some spare time… Keep your eye on the first post.

I’m sure there’s been more than 2.

Nope, Only 2, Unless you count ones NOT Made by me.

Eeeh, do I need insurgency for this?

Nope, all included.

May you put a different link on, I keep on getting this error when clicking on the download link, it takes me to a different link and says this:
This document had no style information.
Access Denied
Can you fix the link or add it on file front, if you can :slight_smile:

Edit: I forgot to say these weapons are awesome :D. And im also using opera as a browser and its only the bullet penetration downloads that mess up

Same here. I was just about to post about it.

i’m getting the same error too, on penetration ON + update link, and btw your sweps now are using insurgents arms ? cuz mine are, they used to have the sleeved arms… well that doesn’t matter this sweps are perfect, very realistic. keep up the good work.

No there using the sleeved arms… You must have a wierd addon “Forgive my spelling mistakes if i made any, my hands are cold”

AWSHUMMMM! Downloading now.