Insurgency Sweps Beta

-snip- Moving to a new thread for a new release.

Great work, keep it up!

Awesome. Keep making sweps!

These seem pretty good, nice job.

Wow Zoey, this is just brilliant.

Its actually funny she made this
Because Zo Zo doesnt play Insurgency

ugh… wish you would stop calling me that.

Shame it’s dependent on other addons. Good work otherwise.

Wizey, how do you get the blur/refraction to work?
The distortion when you fire?
Mine doesn’t work, and usually all the other things that use this (Most stargate things and QSD) also faail with this, they’re just a big spiky blue ball.
Hopefully you’ll be the first to actually answer me.

Dragunov and Lee enfield please?

Ok. I downloaded this swep pack and installed all of the fixes, the sins pack, and worshippers css pack. I even installed the complete insurgency model pack just to be sure, but even after reinstalling multiple times, both to addons and just to my garrysmod folder, a few of the weapons are invisible or are errors. The m1014 and the m16a4 with scope are both invisible, and the aks74u is an error. All of the weapons except for the RPK, M249, and SKS have extremely fast draw animations.

Nice Zoey, Have to try it out…
Ill give you my Insurgency sweps to work with, makes it better

Man, I’m extremely frustrated. I dl’d all the fixes, the SIN swep pack, the realistic swep pack, and I have tons of fast draw speeds, and missing models like the AKS74-U and M1014 and the M16A4 w/ Scope. Will you soon come out with a fix?

You’re not the only one, i’m getting the exact same problems. The AKS-74U is an error and the scoped M16A4 are invisible

Release one pack with everything in it and not 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Dont understand why this isnt working… but im just going to release another one with just every single model… hopefully people will stop getting shitty errors.

Did you ever figure out how to make reload speeds faster or slower on any weapon?

No i didnt sadly, but i just uploaded a new version, it has ALL the insurgency models, and needed materials for scopes and crap. so hopefully you can just download this one and be a happy camper.

Haha yeah I did. I was just wondering because I need to implement a dynamic reload speed into my gamemode.

Well, after testing them, all the models show up just fine. However, the draw animations are still insanely fast, and not to nitpick, but the AKS-74u reload sounds are a bit off. What i find odd is not all of them have quick draw animations, only most of them. Guns with normal draw animations: AKS-74u, both knives, M249, both grenades, RPK, and the SKS. All of the rest have fast draw animations. Oh, i forgot to say, the M1014 has no sounds whatsoever.