Insurgency Sweps Revamped

Heres whats been changed pretty much.

New Code, Both SP and MP Compatible, Optimized.
Hopefully fixed draw speed.
Added M249 Bullet belt animation/Bullet belt diminishes.
Coded deployables into 1 weapon.
Optimized the code.
Added fire modes to Use + Alt fire.
Deployable weapons that have fire mode switches are Use + primary fire instead.
Optimized grenades a little.
Removed the SKS Due to laggy animation delays.
Added the ability to say if you ONLY want insurgency weapons "No half life 2 weapons". (You keep tool gun and gravity gun) "insweaponsonly 0 or 1" defaults to 0
Added the ability to say if you want US arms or INS arms. "ins_handskin 0 or 1" Defaults to 0
Added a All player serverside var for ammo limits. "ammolimit 0 or 1" Defaults to 1
Added a new ammo hud part that shows Magazines only, not ammo left in clip. "newammodisplay 0 or 1" Defaults to 0
Added a new health hud from my gamemode The Uprising. "newhealthdisplay 0 or 1" Defaults to 0
Re-Added bullet penetration its always on now.
Tweaked up the sniper breathing script.
Looked up the weapons on Wikipedia and done my best to get the rate of the same as them.
Re-Added first time draw animations.

Fixed the machine guns Non deployed ironsights having perfect accuracy.
Revamped all the brass ejections to look much more neater and realsitic.
Added a timer so the brass changes size when it hits the floor. "More realistic spoils of war"
Fixed some errors in the knifes.
Fixed the CSS Knife sound glitch.
Added lag prediction to knifes.
Fixed being able to fire weapons mid First draw animation.
Fixed the RPG-7 not playing idle animations after firing.
Added an extra pistol, Usp Compact.
Adds World models for addon weapons such as the Desert Eagle, USP, P228 and even the Scars.
Fixes the M4 Scope world model not being correctly positioned.
Fixes the Enfield shell ejection.
Fixes the Grenade launcher slow down glitch.

Thats pretty much it, :siren:

**Make sure you remove your old insurgency weapons before installing this one :ohdear:**


V1.1 Dat Download (Yay Gmod.Org) :v::

PS: Heres the shotguns:

PSS: Here is the animation fix for the latest gmod update “2010”:


M249 with some bullets left in it:
Deployed M249 with some bullets left in it:
Deployed and Lifted M249 with some bullets left in it “moving while deployed”:
Ak47 + Smoke:
M203 And M16A4 coded into 1 weapon:

Excellent! You work pushes the limits by everday!

Wizey!, you are win

Never cease to amaze Zoey.

I came. Good work, man!


When I’m in noclip or jumping, my vision sways on the game. Is this in the addon?

After this my Mad Cows weapons SMG1 bugged. I mean, i can’t take more ammo to it anymore. It started after this addon.

ammolimit 0 in console Yeah its that damn easy…

for other problems, REMOVE THE OLD then install the new.

Well sorry, i didn’t know. But thank you anyway.

Oh, also, it seems as though the world models are somewhat small for some of the guns. Is that just because of the weird scale of Insurgency models compared to Hl2 models?



Who is this “winzey” that you speak of?
He seems like a nice chap.

I like this very much. Thank you for creating these.


I loved the game, but the guns were imposible to find on

Great work!


Why are the damages unrealistic? Shouldn’t a weapon have the same amount of damage as another weapon with the same bullet type?

The damages are vamped to be realsitic in the half life world, Its just garrys stupid 10 TIMES DMG Npc headshot damage that fucks over gmod so much. and the 2.5X player head damage… :confused:

Okay then