Insurgents about to attack a US Ranger convoy

Testing some hacks. I think some parts ended up looking too bright, although it’s supposed to be the middle-east where it would be pretty sunny, so I dunno.

AK-47. A businessman’s weapon of choice since 1980.

Oh awesome, finally some good insurgent models. Will these be released?

The editing seems nice enough, but the posing of the rpg guy looks a bit stiff, especially his neck. Also, I’d be fucking worried about the backblast if I was the hunch-back on the right (that’s another point about the posing). I think the crouching guy’s right shoulder should be back a bit more too, but I don’t think it matters very much.

Not bad overall, looking forward to the models.

Pretty much everything Chesty said.


Wouldn’t the backblast go over the right guy, cause the back of the RPG is pointing above him?

And I’ll release them after I fix a few things, mainly the rigging on that long coat. I took the body for that from KumaWar and the rigging on it was pretty bad, especially the arms.

These are some great looking models Simkas, nice work yet again :v:

About the picture, the posing looks absolutely fine on all of the people but the camera angle doesn’t do the terror holding the rpg any good, i can tell that the pose itself is good but from this perspective he looks a bit ‘off’, it’s always beneficial to pick an angle which does good poses like this some justice :slight_smile:

I tried to get a better angle, but the other 2 guys looked awkward in other angles.

Backblast has a big arc. It’s not like a single object flying out of the rear of the launcher.

Anyways, it’s good to know the models will be released eventually. Thanks for that.

Aaaaaand released:


the posing on the rocketeer is a bit off.

Af first I thought the terrorist was going to pee on the Convoy.


These models lack of sandals.

They must have sandals.

The 2 ones on the sides HAVE sandals, you just dont get to see them.

The camera angle is a pretty weird choice.

nice they look good, but posing looks a little awkward