Insurgents die as a soldier rocks out for freedom

Rock on, America!



Feel free to edit the original, guys. C&C is also appreciated.

Posing on the soldier with the guitar looks a bit stiff, but the posing on the insurgent looks nice.
Blur on the heli looks ok but the angle looks a little wide.

Posing is a bit of, but this made me laugh like hell. Have funny.

Thanks. Could you tell me what part of the posing needs work?

The posing, a better guitar model and try finding a map more suited to this. Some grass and a container doesn’t do the very funny idea justice.

This map would be perfect:)

I mean, what part of the posing is off? Like, what looks too stiff ect.?

The guitar model in the picture is all I had, and the pack I tried to use didn’t work for some reason. I couldn’t think of a better map either (it’s really just supposed to look like he took the guitar with him to the battle).

Well the soldier are to stiff. It doesn’t look like he is rocking. He is just standing there holding a guitar. Give the body some life. Legs apart, bend him a bit over the guitar. Imagine a metal guitarist on stage.

Also he is playing it like a bass. Get his hand down at the strings.

Shh. You weren’t supposed to notice that.

Lol I play a little of both so yeah.

America, fuck yeah!

The guitar looks kinda bad(ie. the neck and frets) but otherwise pretty good.

A six string bass? I though it was a badly made guitar model:)