integrate auto turrets with new guns

with the adding of the m249 and the upcoming flamethrower could you integrate an way to upgrade your turrets with these new guns

Would like to see a wall mounted turret.

Yes! This would be cool. Different kinds of turrets with different kind of guns.

that would be fun

Or ceiling turret, with flame rockets.

Eoka turret

A small wall or ceiling mounted turret using a semi auto pistol would be a ton of fun.

What about triggered traps, in example, a pressure plate activated dart wall?

I prefer pressure plates that activate shotguns.

Devs plz add dis now

Infrared activated rocket barrage?

proximity mines…next to someones door

Allow people to build an Eoka Turret. If these ones kill you it will specifically call out your name.

that would be fun

I would put a beartrap on my sentry. Imagine the destruction

i would strap bears to mine. those things hack.

Garry should just replace the helicopter with a Bear. Same thing really.
I can see a flying bear shooting missiles at your home

heres an pic

There was a bear once which defended me at early game against a bow raid. they got to 20 HP then he Appeared and killed 6 of them the last one tried to run away but the bear went overdrive and speeded up to 200 Miles/s