Integrate SVN

So many of the good addons use it now, and if I had a dollar for every time I’d seen someone ask for help or bitch about it, I’d be richer than Garry himself.

So, would it be possible to integrate SVN functionality into Garry’s Mod? Have the big addon makers send their URL and such to Garry for inclusion, but also have the option to add your own custom entries for download.

It would probably also need to work like the GMOD SVN Updater (the site of which has long vanished) in which it doesn’t keep all the hidden .svn folders, but only keeps a single file that tells the program what revision is currently downloaded.

Vote it up people!

Completely stupid idea.
You can just use SVN installation on linux and windows fine. Rather that then have it integrated into the game which will cause endless amounts of errors and lag.

You’re going to have to give a better reason than “It’s stupid.”

[citation needed]

Agreed. From what I know, that wouldn’t be true. Error perhaps at first, but I doubt any lag, unless you’re stupid enough to run an svn whilst on a server.

I would think actually that it should simply not be an option while connected to a server:

A: You’re right, it would cause a fuckton of lag probably
B: Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t they have to rejoin the server anyway to take advantage of any updated content?

Not everyone has unlimited downloads so no.

No one said you’d be forced to use it.

And what would be the difference between using Garry’s Mod SVN and any other SVN?

No matter what, you’re going to have to download the mod one way or another.

I use this svn updater. It has a lot of pre-loaded svns already in it and can have new ones added easily.


Nobody trusts me when I link it in chat though. :frowning:

The idea is cool… but not really needed that much.

Thanks Brad.

AH HA! That’s where that son of a bitch went. This is where the old one was:

It expired about a year ago, and I was wondering where it went.

That program is exactly what I was talking about.

Worthless post right here

1.) The point is it’d be easier if it was built into GMod
2.) It wouldn’t cause “endless amounts of errors”, you’re exaggerating
3.) It wouldn’t “lag” at all, unless of course you were using it in-game, online (which wouldn’t lag you that much anyway)

I REALLY agree!!! (Im also all for an addon manager but this is a start)
Yeah have a check for updates button and it does it for you, would be really easy and cool.
Look, it could be like this more or less:

I made that image as a kind of (poor) concept of addon manager.

Theres a list of all official svn’s and sorted with installed ones on top, add an “Add SVN” button, maybe a couple more things and its good :smiley:

Very nice mockup.

I like.

Yay!!! someone approves! Last time i suggested this I was flamed a billion times because they thought it was a horrible idea. Having more integrated into the game makes it feel more official, its easier, looks cool, and who likes remembering to browse to their svns and right click and svn update for all like 20-30? Why not have gmod check them all for you?

It would also be cool to have an official addon repository thing where nobody can post duplicates or fakes and you can install from in gmod, but yeah like I said svn is a good start. We can worry about gmod being perfect later.

I think that eventually it would be nice to be able to download and update while ingame except download everything to a predefined temporary folder then move and update the new files once not ingame. Would work very well with an addon refresh function (if possible)

Do want.

Something just occurred to me.

Garry would probably have to include one of those command line SVN utilities. I wonder what VALVe’s stance is on including extra executables.

I’m sure it could be done in LUA, but I have to wonder if you would have to load a map then.

(I’m not a good programmer, my computer skills lie elsewhere)

Vote it up people!

Right now its 128 for, 22 against. Lookin’ good. I hope it goes through, it would make things very very easy!!