Integrated cellular alerts for base security

I’ve had this idea for a long time but now Rust is getting a lot of new features, don’t discount this one. Cellular alerts sent via text message when your base is getting raided. Have alerts set to you when certain panels/ areas are breached or damaged a certain amount, giving you the time to respond.

No more will you lose any sleep about getting raided, worry when you are away at school or work, it will give you peace of mind! The possibilities are endless with this one- you can alert your friends to defend your base, set off some sort of traps, opens up the possibility to some potentially interesting blueprints, and crude electronics. You are already creating a code lock, salvaged circuitry could be a component you could either craft or find somewhere as a part of this. If Rust is supposed to be post-apocalyptic with landmarks of things past, it would not be too far fetched to have pieces of technology you could find to use for this purpose. There are airdrops, there can be crude electronics. If this idea were to really take off, Garry could release an app which could let you monitor the security system of your base. With salvaged recording equipment, you could make security cameras and also set them up to stream the people who raid your base. This might also let you see how raided your base so that your could apply some self help and try to get your loot back from those people.

There is no way I am the first person who has thought of this before but I just needed to share.

Please don’t forget. This is just a video game.

another way to grief people, hit the walls of their base then run away nearby, Home owner get alerts check place, nothing there, couple of mins later hit walls again then run, owner check again, nothing. Repeat.

Already been thought of, already been discussed to death.

Pretty sure Garry mentioned this in a dev blog waaay back.

Meanwhile, I can access the CCTV for work on my mobile phone. I want to see this is game :smiley:

LOL, what do you mean its “just” a game?

I’m sure someone thought of it already but couldn’t find a thread on it. Griefing people would hit a all time high- my idea is that it would take more than a hitting a wall to make an alert but of course if this were such a thing, you’d want your alerts to be configurable.

So you’re making fun of people who are giving great ideas. Wow you’re on some next level shit.

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Ok have a health percentage for the base. Depending on how many walls/things you build it will knock down 1 percent or whatever it correlates to when a wall is destroyed/taken down to half health.

I can’t stand that all games these days needs an integrated smartphone feature. Keep everything in the game, in the game. There are better ways to stop offline raiding than a fucking smartphone alert.

How about a big ass siren that goes off in the game alerting the vast area of a break in. Better yet, a God like voice telling the world, “One of your fellow Newman’s is being raided in your area” :slight_smile:

I like the idea of loud alarms. If your neighbors are friendly, they might come help you out (or just watch).

enjoy your life outside the videogame id say…

or help the raiders;)

Only if it has to be crafted and can lose durability therefore actually having some upkeep cost.

This feature is already in the official “Mind map” of rust, look under base security @

Also, it would be easy to avoid players griefing/trolling with the feature. Perhaps an item that alerts when a player enters a specific room, like a motion detector, or any time there are loud noises (walls breaking/c4?)

I think this is a great idea! Especially for people like myself who play in large groups. Just because I am at work, doesn’t mean one of several other players aren’t available to log on and get some SWEET justice. I for one am sick of ONLY dealing with raiders long after they are gone with all my shit.

“Boss!! I gotta go home…NOW! Why? I’M BEING RAIDED!!!”