Integrated Match-making for modders to use

Is there any chance to see an integrated match-making system, available for modders?

It could work like that:
The match-making finds, lets say 10 players that want to play the same gamemode then picks one player as a HOST and the others connect to him using p2p.

Is miserable existence would probably allow for new types of gamemodes to function like… ok maybe i can not think of an example but i am sure it will come handy to someone, lol.

Sorry for wasting your time and i hope it makes sense since i typed it from mobile.

Garry already talked about it here.


It would be interesting to have a lobby and matching system that worked regardless of the gamemode. It just finds an empty matchmaking-designated server(can be self-hosted) that everyone in each lobby has a good connection to.

Seems already that S&box is going to be about selecting gamemodes first and not servers themselves.