Integrating a MyBB Plugin with Garry's Mod

I am looking to implement a Garry’s Mod Plugin, Pointshop with NewPoints for MyBB! I want them both to merge, so if you have 100 points on the forums, you’ll have 100 points on Pointshop etc.

This is something that won’t be impossible, but it will require some work because I can almost guarantee that no one has done it before.

You are going to need a few things

  1. Knowledge of Lua to write your own addon.
  2. The Mysqloo module (or tmysql)
  3. SQL Lib for Mysqloo - link is at the bottom of the page, they are precompiled by Drakehawke (not sure if needed for tmysql)
  4. The database structure for MyBB. You need to know the user’s ID, user’s SteamID (linked to account preferably) and the amount of points they have.
  5. Pointshop on your server (duh! :P)
  6. Write your addon to update the points for the user based on their steam ID or forum ID to match the MyBB points system.

If you have no clue what to do then I can guide you through it but I will not write it for you. If you would like help, post here with what you have OR message me on steam (link under my profile name)

It has been done before, it was on CoderHire.

a lot of ifs and i’m too lazy to spoonfeed more. Look at the code, understand it and modify it to your fittings.
edit:// PSEUDOCODE. Everything is untested and i will NOT give any support for it.
Edit2:// The link you posted to Coderhire is useless. First CH closed and second it was just an featured job, not an actual addon. dunno if somebody even applied for the job.

edit3:// Last Edit. I snipped the code, since i got a nice PM from OP. Basicly he isn’t even trying to understand the situation and code. Learn Lua man. If someone still wants the code AND is willing to learn from it, hit me up.

Willing to pay someone $5 to set this up for me.

Your looking at a lot more than $5 for that.