Intel HD Graphics / Nvidia Graphics connection issue

Hi everybody!

I just bought the game a few days ago and I’ve apparently hit an issue I cannot comprehend. I play on a laptop with an integrated and a dedicated video card. Normally when I start a game I can right click it > Run with Graphics Processor > then proceed to select whichever I want (usually the dedicated one ofc). Normally one of the options is defaulted and but I can change that whenever I want. The problem I’m having with Rust is that it defaults to the Intel HD Graphics (where it runs horribly) and when I select the Nvidia Graphics, I am unable to find any servers in the list.(not unable to connect to them, the list simply fails to populate) I’m a bit stumped on how a different video processor can cause connection issues but it is what it is.

I do realize the game is still in early alpha and this sort of thing is expected but I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced similar problems and perhaps found a workaround.

Thank you!
Have a good game! ^^

Coincidence, unlucky with the current server issues? I can’t see how that’d affect such a thing. One of his current things he’s working on is improving the server list. May have more chance there.

For now, if you want to find a server, you could get the ip address and try manually connect with the console connect command.

F1 will open the console.

The problem is that I see the servers on the integrated board (but can’t play since well it’s integrated and runs very poorly). The only way to actually start the game with the nvidia card is to go to the folder where it’s installed , right click then Run with graphics processor > Nvidia. This causes the issue that no servers are loading. Furthermore, I tried to connect to a server via the console but it just said “connection failure, steam not found” (perhaps given the fact that I hadn’t started the game via steam, even though steam was open).