Intel integrated graphics FIX!!!

As of February 2010, mobile graphics cards caused 31% of crashes in GMod. (so I recommend this gets put somewhere people can see it easily)

I have a solution that works for the Intel crash caused by blood effects (including thruster effects, people getting shot, etc), explosions, and a few other combat-related things. This solved my crashing problem completely, now I get no more crashes than anyone else I know with a desktop.

  1. Join singleplayer, or a server with cheats enabled (“sv_cheats 1” in console)
  2. Type in the console “r_drawparticles 0” and press enter

That’s it.


Unfortunately it only works on servers with cheats enabled, or singleplayer, because “r_drawparticles 0” significantly affects the graphics by…you guessed it…not drawing particles at all. It would be really good for all of us with mobile graphics if Garry could make this work on any server.

I’ll be getting a new computer soon, a desktop, so this won’t be relevant for me but I’m posting it here so everyone else can benefit.

Cool beans.