intelligent comic part IV



I cried two tieme

It’ll be sad when some idiot comes and says ‘‘omg it has bad peosing troll comic sux’’ ignoring the story.


I like the end with supersonic-fast rape.
If spy could hump any faster, he’d break the sound-barrier.

Once I was stranded and lost in the sahara desert. All I had was a broken can of red bull and a half working psp. I logged onto the internet and I saw this thread and I was saved.

Not only that, but if he did he’d more than likely succumb to friction and combust.

I don’t get it why people label these as “bad comics”. They’re probably the best stories you can get from this forum!

this is a tragic tale

The story was both intriguing and intelligent, though the ending I found was quite inadequate to the events preceding it.

They’re offended that these poses are bad and just jump on the hate bandwagon without reading it.