intense airdrop story (kinda long)

Let me apologize in advance if anyone finds this post boring… but it’s the most thrilling (and crazy) experience I’ve had in this game…

I was playing Rust with my brother and had recently died (as I often do)… and playing on a community server as I cannot possibly get close to an airdrop on an official server because I do not hack… I then heard the rumblings of the airdrop and we both said in our dolby channel almost simultaneously “are you close?” I in fact was.

I had a rock and a torch and was about 200 yard from where I saw the drop falling. It was about to land in an odd spot on a mountaintop which I knew would be difficult for anyone to access or find given it’s placement. I looked around me and no one was nearby (surprising given there were about 80 people on the server at this time). This was the first time I had seen an airdrop on the server as they were very rare and seemingly had to be spawned manually by the admins.

My heart was racing as I climbed the tricky terrain in an attempt to open this giant case which was tipping almost completely horizontally due to it’s placement. After about 3 minutes I made it and opened the airdrop… there were 2 explosives, 50 wood planks and 5 Large med kits. I almost crapped my pants. I told my brother what was in the airdrop and being mostly nomads who ran around with bows and arrows together this would really create a whole new level for us on this server being that we weren’t a huge group… we debated about what I should do… we decided it best to find a hiding spot until he could get to me with a set of leather armor and maybe a crafted gun.

I ran to a little crevice in the mountain to wait which I considered genius, no one would EVER find me here… until about 20 seconds later when a guy named “Jinxrex” with a gun ran up to me and asked if I saw where the airdrop landed. I told him a guy named Smuckers got it and ran the opposite direction (smooth huh?). Jinxrex told me to show him where he ran and he would protect me. I tried to play it cool like I had nothing to lose anyway… we ran along and Jinxrex killed a couple guys as I was running to where my brother was coming from. We came to a random 1x1 with a metal door and I told him this is where smuckers lived. This is when Jinxrex decided to kill me. I was pretty bummed… until I realized I spawned fairly close to where I died. I began to run back to where I died when I stopped and saw a couple guys in leather gunfighting with M4s. One of them died fairly close to me just as the other began chasing after someone else.

I opened the dead guys bag and obviously found an M4 and a set of leather, but also 50 wood planks, 2 explosives and 5 large med kits. I couldn’t believe it. I’d like to say the story ends with me safely reaching my base… but when I was near my base a familiar face accosted me. “You are dead” Jinxrex killed you with a P250.

In summary, got the same explosives twice and lost them twice to the same person in about 5 minutes on a server with 80+ people on it.

I love a good story! I found one airdrop and I had to break my leg jumping off a cliff to get it.

What’s funny though, even if I have 250 wood, I feel the same way on a crowded server. “Oh my god, please let me make it back to my shelter.”

I live in fear and I love it.

How the hell did he found so quickly a P250 after respawning ?

The almost exactly what I said on dolby when he killed me again… he had to have had a base near it. I don’t know what he was wearing either as I never saw him the 2nd time. =(

very interesting story

I think you’ve read a lot of books considering how well you wrote it