Intense Mirror's edge/Bf3 style fight in railway station.

Boy, have I got a treat for you today.

I’ve made two outcomes to this fight- Success and failure.


I wasn’t quite happy with the Success one. Sony vegas got the aspect ratio wrong.

What did that guy say?

I heard something like ‘You’re a fag!’
Sounds about right.

No. Generic bf3 line.

Sounded like “Get off the bus!” to me.

The only missing thing is a middle finger shown the guy at the end.

I was actually hoping to have blood splat across the screen, and his arm covering it.

…But then I realized that blood just doesn’t explode and magically find it’s way to your face like it does in Metal Gear Solid 2 with the Cockroaches and C4.

The way the POV character’s arms behave is a little odd in the second video.

A loud ear ringing noise would’ve also added to the rather blunt and empty effect of being hit by a train.

He died a hero.

That’s because they were added in POST!! GASPS But yeah, the second video was actually made first and didn’t have a torso bellow him. (Kinda’ like every fps these days)