Intense PvP / Big Raid!!

Hey - So most of you guys enjoyed my last video called ‘Epic Plays’. So I thought I would post another, It contains a lot of PvP and towards the end we Raid a big ass base (For just 2 people its a big base to raid). Also the video has an interesting ending. Stay Tuned :slight_smile:



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‘Epic Plays’:

Edit: Since you can’t measure how big a raid is. I changed the title… Stop saying its misleading because its not…

big raid? Please don’t make another misleading title.

Its fair to say for a 2 man team, that’s a big raid for us… Its only as misleading as you make it out to be. Technically you can’t really measure a raid… But that’s you opinion. Also it depends what raid you were talking about… There were 2 in the video…

Another awesome video!

Cheers buddy! There’s soo much unnecessary hate here :o

Nice aiming skills

This would make me rage

noooo! you forgot the fat on the naked guy at the airdrop

Nice man, I’m from UK too and play often. What’s your steam name?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Aaha :slight_smile:

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I’m soo sorry :frowning: !

And the ban hammer

Yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

ignore that shit

Will do bud :slight_smile:

Good video, man. Sorry you all got banned. If you find another good server, send me a message – I’m on the lookout too.

Ahah its no problem, but yeah just looking for another server. Not much luck today.
I will either play on EU server or US East Coast

Nice vid man, shame you got banned :confused:

I just uploaded a funny clip from a few days ago with a few of my very random friends it all started when I got back from being afk link below http://

Kinda irrelevant… Especially with a broken link. If you gonna post spam on my thread do it right. Also the video is more disturbing as to what you get up to in your free time than actually funny…

Thanks bud!