Intense PvP / Epic Plays

Took me a long time to edit this all up. I’m open to all/any kind of feedback so feel free to say what you will :slight_smile:


I hope you enjoyed.

We killed so many people haha

Yeah ahah :slight_smile:

This video was pretty damm awesome!!

Ahah thanks buddy :slight_smile:

Seems like the british guy is annoyed with the other guy… like “ya w/e shut up”

I wasn’t annoyed with him ahah we were playing really late at night so communication was interesting lol. We ended up not sleeping :stuck_out_tongue: He’s a good friend of mine who I have known for years.


yaaa… w/e mate


Nice video.

nice vid

Ahah I see what you mean, during the raid. That wasn’t the extent of our conversation ^^ we were at the house like 5m and we killed 2 other people but I edited it out. As I said it was late it must have been 7-8AM with no sleep, my friend is 5-6 hours behind me so he had more energy than me as you can imagine :stuck_out_tongue: sorry for me lack of enthusiasm at that time ^^

Anyone posting any vids of rust playtime should use your vids as a reference point if they’re unsure at how to present them. Very nice and totally enjoyable to watch.
Love the organization you two have as well.

EDIT: Get some more action as I’d like to see plenty more :wink:

Thanks buddy! That means a great deal to me :slight_smile:

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Cheers :slight_smile:

That raid was so worth

Good job and well edited!

Ahaha indeed it was, I didn’t show everything collected, but we were able to craft the C4 we used from what we had received :slight_smile:

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Thanks buddy!

cant wait to see more xDD

I should have a new episode out today :slight_smile: trying to stick with daily uploads!

aww yeah!

Cool man keep the videos coming.