Intense Render Glitch

I tried launching a single player darkrp server on rp_downtown v2 to build a contraption to work in rp. I’m getting an intense render error or something. Nothing tells me about it in the console. When i disconnect a huge list of the same error appears in the console talking about a gamemode error. I had this glitch 2 nights ago when i connected to an online server. Every other server besides that one works perfectly fine. Can someone help?

Dell studio 1535
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16 GHZ
Ati Radion mobility 3500 series 256 MB dedicated graphics memory
3 Gigs of ram
Windows vista home premium 32 bit

I reinstalled gmod and i think it’s just the version of darkrp i have downloaded. So i’m trying a different version.

looks normal to me