Interactable NPC's?

I have been working on various crap for darkrp, such as halfway fixing the bankvault sent, but I really want to make a banker class.

I think I can make it run off the pocket/backpack swep programming, but Im having issues finding an NPC that could be used as a sent, and I know nothing about GUI programming.

but does anyone know where I can find NPC SENTs or something of the like? Thanks.

also here is my semi fixed version of bankvault for darkrp No instructions sorry.

Only issue is, it says you bought a gunlab and it has a price of 0$

So many gamemodes are using interactive NPC’s, somebody should really make a modular base for that sort of thing.

Couldn’t you do it with your massive coding abilities?

I tried a long time ago. To make one would be easy. To make a nice, clean, and easily customizable one is a bit more difficult. I don’t have the time to do that with GMove and all.

The base of a “shop NPC” is indeed deceptively simple, if I or anyone else were to make a base for one you could easilly customize what should it include? A choice of animations and voices? Different kinds of interfaces? What is there that is common to absolutely every NPC that would need it? If you want it made now’s the time to give your input.

You’re practicly daring me to tell/ask you this:

I’ve been dying, trying to find out how to make a “NPC Shop”, if you will, but I just cant seem to figure it out!
I know that it’s an NPC which links to a Derma Menu, atleast I think it is, but I dont know how to make the Derma pop up when “Use” is pressed.

Besides, should I do it like I would do in a normal Derma Menu?
I mean, add the actual menu in cl_init.lua of the entity and then the hook, or whatever it is in init.lua, or??
I’m pretty new at scripting, but I would like to learn things like this, very much. So, if you could just reply back to me or send me a message or even E-mail to me, that would be great (

I’d really appreciate if you could make the code and then add comments on the different stuff.

  • Thanks in advance

  • Busymonkey

I intended to do this after I released The SWEP Bases Project, considering that was a faithful recreation of the HL2 weapons.

The SNPC Bases Project was envisioned as a pioneering movement to be the first project to spark faithful recreations of HL2 NPCs to be used as bases, this would be a significant leap for developers, considering SWEPs are an element which has been covered in many respects, and the birth of Fretta is also one which is significantly bringing back unique play styles to GMod, all that’s missing is SNPCs. After that, SVehicles would be something to consider, but the base_vehicle entity was never completed, which seems to be a neglected object. Much like my release of CS:S weapons after The SWEP Bases Project’s release, I would recreate a basic set of CS:S NPC bases.