Interaction distance changed?

It seems like we have to be closer to objects before we can use them now. This is okay, except that you have to be within “too hot” distance of a campfire to open it up, making it hard to watch meat being cooked without taking damage.

heres a tip. put in the campfire woods and fill all the cells meat, except for one cell. the last blank cell will fall ash , and cooked meat jumps out of the campfire.

Well, yeah, that’s how I’ve been doing it. Sometimes the cooked meat gets stuck in the middle of the campfire and can’t be targeted though.

I still think FP changed the interaction range, and maybe the “too hot” distance as well. I have to get closer to doors and containers to open them now as well.

EDIT: Upon further investigation, it now seems like the distance hasn’t changed, but the “sweet spot” for interacting with object is smaller. You must point more towards the middle of a container/door/whatever to get the menu option to come up.