[Interactive] An Adventure to DIE FOR

Oh no, madman is trying to do interactive comics again, somebody call the police!


This is a little diffrent from stuff i’ve done in the past, and it’s kind of experimental.

The idea is that it follows the standard interactive comic elements such as user suggestions dictating the story, except this time around the sucessfulness of the outcome will be based on dice rolls.
High numbers being good, low numbers being bad, such as 1 being a critical failure, and 20 being a flawless execution, but if you’ve ever played any pen and paper RPG then you already know that.

I thought the idea sounded like it could be a lot of fun, creating a more interesting adventure with a real risk of the character dying.

That’s right, the character can die, and they’ll stay dead. If and when the character dies, you could choose to make a new character within the same story, or move to a diffrent character in a new setting, all up to you.
But let’s not worry about that eh, it might probably not maybe ever happen!

Before the story can start, we’ll need to do 3 things.


So, once we’ve got a character and a setting, we can start our adventure!

I vote for sir reginald donglodger the fifth, the cowardly overlord of a distant, smelly planet

Male, Lord Sherlaw H. Olmes, an aristocratic former police officer ousted from his post on charges of corruption who now makes a living as an inexplicably not terrible detective, Sci-fi/mystery

I vote taggart’s lord sherlaw working on a case for cookie’s sir reginald

he is a half life hecu grunt

I vote for Human Grunt/male as well… Set in a fantasy setting.

I vote for Gumbo the Beankiller.

He’s a giant muscle mommy hulk of a man who eats beans and swings a giant beanstalk around.

He’s also dumb as shit.

hgrunt homie

Make sure you use the pre-hd pack hl1 model.


Captain De Wiart

Sci-fi Fantasy Horror Action War Mystery


**Alright, time for the first dice rolls.

I’ll be rolling my D20 to determine his skill level and max health.

Ok, there we go. Here’s our character!**


**Now we have our character and his stats, it’s time to start our adventure!



What should our hero “GRUNT” do first?

Puke out an assault rifle.

maybe look around for supplies, or venture up to the village

aw you used the bad model.

[editline]4th March 2016[/editline]

should’ve used the classic.

Well, i used the only model i had available.

It’s the Half-Life: Source grunt, i don’t think there’s a ragdolled version of the original grunts.

**Alright, sounds pretty outlandish.

We’ll need to roll for LUCK on this one, lets see what we get.



**We rolled a 1, and with our +3 luck bonus, that gives us a 4. Not very good at all.




**Rolling for **PERCEPTION.


**10, with our +3 bonus, and minus the -2 debuff, gives us 12. Not bad.



**Now lets roll PERCEPTION again to see if he’s noticed the village.



**Ho’ boy, 19!

With our bonus this gives us a 20, he saw the SHIT outta that village.



Actually you seem to have a half life source replacement model because half life source uses the regular definition HL1 modes.

Fight these two wolves! That’s what you’re trained for, right!?

Run back to the shack, lure them in and kill them when they run in after you with the axe.

Climb up a tree, and proceed to monkey jump from tree to tree until you make it to the village, if the armors weight wont get in your way. Try and take it off

begin citing Marine Corps mantra in order to show off your superior masculinity to those pussy bitch wolves

failing that, hack the fuckers up

Befriend the wolves and create an all-canine squad called the Devil Dogs.
Failing that, throw a stick and run like hell.