Interactive Comic - My body?

*You wake up in small room, it looks like it was a class room. As you stretch your limbs, you notice that your clothes are full of blood, at the same time, you realize that you are caught in someone elses body. You look around and see a laptop, modem, chairs, tables and a bookcase. YOU MUST FIND YOUR BODY *

What are you going to do now?

See if there is any plans of changing bodies on the computer. “Laptop”.

As you approach the Laptop, tables start flying around, you almost shit yourself

What are you going to do now?

Find a book about changing bodies.

This is a bad ripoff of that other comic 5omeone did.

This sucks on bread

Walk out of the room.


Wh-wh-what are you doing in my interactive comi----

Nice shot, Harold. What about Ronald?

We’re getting close. I can feel it. Don’t dally, George. We have to go back to cs_assault. He was reported to be break dancing there. How infuriating.

We will find him.


That’s so awesome!69105! :razz:

oh god

Genre successfully reinvented. Well done.

This comic was missing action.

Not anymore.

I try.

WTF do I do now? Wait, I got it (could not find the rocket launcher model that you used, just took a rpg :)):

(Harold) Where are you going George!? You carry the ammo, I need to reload!!

(Harold) Fuck this, I’m going to…

(Harold) OMFG!!!


WHOA WHOA WHOA everyone hold the FUCK UP

NONE OF THIS WAS IN THE SCRIPT! I’m sick and tired of these fucking changes - nobody tells me! How the fuck am I supposed to come in prepared when the story keeps fucking changing? I’ve had it! Spielberg - fuck you! I’m out of here!

Wow, Harold, he shows acute signs of furious furiosity. Maybe we should just go. After all - we’ve got a hot track on Ronald.

Yeah, I agree. This is like the third time I’ve been shot in the face today - and everyone asks why I wear a mask! Lett’s get out of here.

Uhhh, guy – we’re really sorry about ruining your story. I’ll see you around.



What the

You see a weird zombie like figure, your gun is out of ammo…

What will you do now?

69105 just made a new method to ruin bad interactive comics.