Interactive - Darkness Invloved

Note: I am working on this ingame. that means I will take choices immediately after they are posted.

First set of pictures is low quality. next set will be better.

Walk to the door and improve the image quality.

 Also, how do I improve the quality? When I take the picture it's looks fine but when I edit and save it, it looks like shit. 

Leave the weapon

Maybe raise your grafic options ingame?

I’ll say:

Take the rifle, look for ammo in the room, and then, go to the second door.

Also, try to use something else for Screenshots, like FRAPS, or Xfire

My graphics are on Max.

but is it * really * that noticeable?

Wow well than upload it in a bigger size!


 Lol typofail, 

Live = Leave. 

right! I think he will find a dead body

Yeah right!
Maybe a Zombie that want to eat our bwainz!
That would be cool :smug:

sorry for not posting… just tired of waiting yesterday.



Fucking quality. :argh:

Also, what software do you use for editing? Try saving it in a different format, like png, the program probably automatically compresses the jpg file.

I’m using MS paint. aw I’m so ashamed. :crying:

what do you think I should use instead?

3 go deeper.

Never use paint buddy :stuck_out_tongue:

then what should I use?

Photoshop or Gimp if you don’t have the money.

Can’t see why you should edit it more, looks great to me! However i’m sitting outside with the sun in my eyes so i might be mistaken lol… :stuck_out_tongue:

The text won’t go blurry after saving, also you can give the comic some filters plus a border (if not a layout)
Gimp is free, photoshop is better but you have to pay for it. Unless you use the 30-days trial which only goes, well, 30 days.

Save as .PNG Jpeg usually rapes it.

just do 1. im asummeing when you come back you will the the dead guy as a zombie. and he will try to eat your brains!