Interactive Date - Alicia

Welcome to Interactive Date, round one. The goal is to co-operate with each other in the thread to have a successful first date and ultimately get laid.
After an image is posted (by me or geogzm, my main) the players (anybody else) merely say what they want to do. FP, you have 3 attempts at this.

Also, I’m going to ignore any stupid replies like “RAPE”.

You walk up to the door. You had a drink to ease any feeling of shyness you may have, but you’re still smart. You knock gently, but loud enough for your date, Alicia, to hear.

She steps up to the door.

Hey! You’re right on time. You look nice today.

(Now, your input. Anything you can do.)

Say, “What up doe?” walk in that bitch. Sit down, turn the tube on, watch it. Tell her to make you a sandwich, that my POV at least.

The second image is broken.

On another note.
Say: And you look very beautiful.

Hand her some flowers, if the character brought any with him.

Punch her in the face and steal all her money.

Become a super villian.

Say “Good morning, Good Evening, Good night”

You: The same goes for you, now, I have something very special today. (Bring her to a restuarant).


Do it. NOW.

This. It’s the only logical option.

Say “You look nice too.”

This must be done.

I’ll go with this as well. It’s the gentlemanly thing to do.

The numbers are on our side! Make it happen!

Kill her, then Die.