Interactive map is an interactive map for rust, on our map you will be able to zoom in and out, make markers and line and shapes
and you can your marker with anyone you want to either by adding them to a private map or make the map public and share it with a link.

For any server owner who might be interested were now running with Project Wonderful.
With project wonderful you as a server owner can bid on getting your commercial for your server on our map and you can even choose what region you want it for.
You can check it out right here Rust map bottom ad.

If you find anything not working on it please post a reply here.
And if anyone has some higher quality pictures of the maps i would be glad to put them on it.

The map should work on all devices including mobile devices so you can use it both on your phone or tablet.

Owner and back-end developer of

This map i great, good initiative :smile:

A sticky maybe, so the other survivors out there can see it and get the aid of a map

How much of the map is accessible?

My map is currently only showing the populated part of the map.
The real map is much larger i’m working on getting the rest of the map on there

i got a better idea, my custom server you can get the coordinates. could you make something where you enter your coordinates and it shows on the map where you are?

It would be possible, if you throw me the ip for you server i will take a look at it
since i need to find out how your cords works

Are you using Leather? Mind sharing the coordinate mod?

You spelled Sweden wrong…


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The map has been updated

The map now has it’s own domain, so you will now be able to find the map at

‘Hecker Valley’

Thx for post, and the map has been updated

Can you scale down the names a bit.
Can you change the colors of the names of the towns/loot spots
After turning the grid off it’s still there for 70% of the map.

I’ve tried to scale down the names a bit and given the towns/lootspots special color

For the grid it’s currently not possible for me to remove the premade grid. Though i have contacted the owner of the original image and hes trying to find one without, so i hope i will get that soon. But if anyone has a newer/better picture of the map i will gladly put it on the map.

Thanks man, great work keep it up!

Very useful tool, thank you!

great shoutout to kronix as well oh wait thier isnt one

Already talked with Kronix and the others about using their maps so don’t worry.

I’m a strong believer of one map to rule them all…
Somehow we need to choose a map to be THE MAP… Because as it is every single one has the same names but for different places and quite frankly I hate how all the towns are just “radtown” lol.

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I should not be a jerk and follow this up by: looks good though!
You should collaborate with the other person who made an interactive map.

Link to his thread here:

I already had plans for features like hes page has, currently i’m finishing up the login system after that comes the ability to make your own markers and you will be able to share them with friends either with links or with a site share systems.