[Interactive]Marc's adventure

I don’t placed on comic section because it’s not a comic and ther’s not enough users than here









Please no comment about my bad speeling…

Some frames I had to read twice to understand the english, gave some laughs though.
I say shoot the cop like a real badass.

you need to work on your english.

and ignore cop

Kill the cop

let him in, but if he is hostile, or snoops around to much, then kill him.

Poptarts are drugs? SHIT!

kill the cop of course

[grammar nazi]

even if english isn’t your first language, you could at least looked up the words where you were not sure how to spell them. it also seems like you wrote everything down in a hurry, you spelt ‘Pringles’ or ‘Coffee’ wrong for example. it’s a pain in the ass to read all the text.

[/grammar nazi]

(yes, I commented about your bad spelling, deal with it :v:)

Oh my god his english just makes it plain rofl.

Shoot the cop.

That’s it, we’re all fucked, a so delicious thing…

Comics section is up there bro.





I lol’d at headshot

take weapons and ammo, and the eat apple

i didn’t know that the Desert Eagle could use 350 caliber bullets…
also god damn,spell check before saving your pictures.

Cut his hands off and eat them.

your spelling is just awful, its not funny anymore. and dont tell me you couldnt spell ‘the’

How the fuck did you shoot a cop without pressing the trigger?

This is truly half-canned. You really need to acquaint yourself with the tutorials in the Comics section if you really want to make a good interactive comic.



I searched the tutorial you talked about but i can’t find on the tutorial list

What the fuck is a u09?

“She had a phone on his hands…”

A little typo there.