Interactive senario: End of days

Im making a Interactive senario. So without further chit chat, lets biggin.

You wake up in a room. There is a metal wardrobe, a computer and a way out.
What do you do?

A: Inspect the Wardrobe
B: Inspect the Computer
C: Go outside

C: Go outside, but do it in real life, because this will never get anywhere.

D. Alt+F4

Haha, oh wow. Where’s my zing rating.

E: Lock this thread and learn to pose.

I was doing a thing quickly so i could continue if someone had a REAL VOTE!


Infact, i still have gmod running

Choice D. Do it now.

Trolling is indeed a competent source of amusement.

Also, I think its time to change my avatar.

Fuck it then… Lock the thread. If noone cares just lock it

No wait!
Dont close this thread. Id like to vote!

Finally some respectfull. Vote then.

If I know the Combine right, this will be fun.

Option D

If the OP hasn’t gotten fed up and left yet, Option D.

Edit- Oh damn, I put D instead of C, FFFF Now I look like a fag, sorry, I meant option C, seriously

C: Go outside

That stare.

D. Rate Box.

jokester, thank you for voting.

If you continue I troll you.