“THE FIRST INFECTED” is a horror/thriller about Victoria and her daughter Megan. they live in the center of a Small town called: Little hope
Victoria is a lawyer and she writes books. Her daughter Megan is a naive girl and she has a boyfriend, jake…

so now you know who the characters are i can start the story…

10 pm 1 november 2015*

**So what are you gonna do?

A: go with the soldiers
B: Hide inside the kitchen cabinets
C: escape from the balcony**

you are save, don’t panick.

D: laugh hysterically at the quality of this comic

This is fucking hilarious

Option C

Imma go with B, though option D is pretty damned tempting.


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oh my gosh

this is the best thread ever

Wow, Rochelle definitely didnt get her mother’s looks.

(And LMAO at Sheva being Rochelle’s mom.)

3 questions:
1 English isn’t your first language is it?
2 Why is Rochelle’s “mom” younger than her?
3 Where can I get that model you used for Rochelle’s “mom”?


Fix your posing.

I choose A so the soldiers can tell you to Stand still you bitch!!!

Goddamn, this is so good. Not for the right reasons, mind you, but it’s so good.

Option C. I wanna see them die from their fall.

Option A.

looks like its draw
so i will vote two
my vote gos to option C :slight_smile:
so here we go…

.they heard you becouse the door closed (locked)
so what are you going to do?

A. Take a object, smash out a window and jump down
B. give up and stay where you are

God I love the posing.
Edit: I meant gosh

C. Hide under that desk


the desk is filled with cabinets so there is no space! :slight_smile: