(interactive) who are you where are you and why is that there

ouch my head where am i

oh crap a guy… hes sleeping to close for my comfort

huh… on closer inspection something is wrong

HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT its a head… what do i do now???

take his wallet and run

Its just a head,read moar pl0x. Anyways use the head for basketball.

better use this for basketball

Ima shoot it over that ledge 50 POINTS


man in shirt: holy crap 911 we have an emergency
woman helping:c’mon susie you aint to badly hurt

uhhh… shit what now the police will be here soon

hey guys i can update this fairly regurly hell even twice a day cause to be honest i dont really work all that hard :stuck_out_tongue:

Choke yourself to death


End Comic.


Give the head to the woman, then run for it

choke yourself to death

*Give the head to the woman, then run for it *

choke myself… um… ok

OH GOD IT FELL OFF!!!.. i gotta get rid of it

woman in white shirt: dont worry susie you’ll be fine
yes i know its dodgy ms paint

ok time to make my escape

oh crap what now

Stop time then rape the CP,hope its a chick,then throw the body down a river.