[Interactive] Wiseguy

You slowly wake up with a strong headache… you don’t know who you are, you don’t know where you are.
Now, it’s your choice what you are going to do, the only thing you know is that you are expecting a phonecall.

A) Wake up, and stand up.
B) Turn around, keep sleeping.
C) Try something else: …

C: Eat some popcorn from the TV-table

You eat from the XXL bag of popcorn that was under your couch.
It looks like there is a list with information about you on the table.

A) Stand up.
B) Go back to sleep.
C) Try something else: …


Sorry for the delay, i needed to do something first.

read the list then standup and knock your head against the door


You read the list, it looks like it’s some kind of a report of the factory you are working in.
Because you were the one that made this report, your name is Mark V.
But where does the V. stand for…

You are confused, and start to rage. Slowly you walk to the door, put your hand on it and…
BUMP!, you smah your whole face against the door. You fall down, and your nose starts to bleed.
Also, your headache starts to get very nasty and you are getting verry dizzy.

A) Look for some medicines. (also type where)
B) Fuck it, stand up and make breakfast.
C) Something else: …

C)Grab the cash off(and do not forget to count it,then put it in pocket[it might come in handy]), table store popcorn in fast-food box, take fast-food box, take drink put drink in pocket, check phone,look for Advil in cabinet(in the bathroom),oh and look for computer(to find out what V means you think roman numeral),and last but not lest wash hands and face in sink.


look for some medicins (in the drawer under the kitchen table)

Still being confused what your family name is, you drop the report on the floor.
Also, instead of carrying all that shit in your pockets you decide to use your briefcase.

You open the drawer under the kitchen table, and look for some medicine for your headache.
In the drawer there is some paracetamol, some beans, a bottle, and oh yeah, a P228.

A) Take the paracetamol.
B) Put the gun away in your pocket.
C) Take everything out of the drawer.
D) Something else: …


PS: You can decide yourself where V. stands for.

D)take bottle and p228,and paracetamol,

You took the bottle and the P228, and also you took some paracetamol with the soda.
The phone is still not ringing, and you get bored. On a certain moment you see the radio and you turn the button.

Looks like the battery needs to be plugged in first.
On your right you see a battery and a wrench.

A) Plug the batterie in, using the wrench.
B) Leave the radio alone and wait for the phonecall.
C) Make breakfast first.
D) Something else: …

make some eggs with bacon!
oh and clean your hands

take the wrench, and bust door.

Because you dont’ have eggs, you decide to make the beans from the drawer.
Right on that moment, your phone starts to ring at your table.

When you picked up a phone, you hear a male voice with a strong italian accent from the other side.
“Hello, who is this?” You start to mumble. The other man responds, and the voice starts to become familiar.
It’s a member of the local organised crime, you all start to remember it.
You remember that you are a guy called Mark Vortigaun, with serious gambling problems.
Yesterday you lost in a poker game with the money you got from a loanshark two weeks ago.
"You’ still there? the man says from the other side. “Ye…yes sir… i am still here.” *
Your legs start to shake slowly.
“Good. Some guys are collecting my money. You better got it” * he says fast.

At the same moment that he sayed you better got it, three loud knocks were getting punched on the door.
You drop the phone, shivering and having it cold. You grab your firearm, but when you open the clip you see it’s empty.

A) Try to attack the guys outside. (heck no)
B) Escape trough the window.
C) Try to hide in the small appartment.
D) Something else: …


D: Board up the door with the couch and escape through the window


You break the window with your elbow, and look down to the small road.
The car of the loanshark is parked in front of the appartment block.
Your appartment is on the second floor, you could break your legs if you jump.
Do you want to take the risk or do you wanna try something else?

A) Fuck it, jump trough the damn window.
B) Get back in the appartment and try something else.
C) Something else: …

C get some glass and hide then backstab the loanshark like a spy :smiley: