WOW! Nice work man!

Angle is very complementing.

russian thaumaturgy

lovely work! same goes for your DA gallery. i can’t belive you got almost no comments on your works over at DA. submit these to some gmod groups, ffs! THAT’s exactly what the SBMP is there for.
have a look over here folks! that’s how you do it.
i feel sad it’s just a handful of people doing original SFM/Gmod art anymore, such as you, Cpt., Crazy Knife, VIoxtar, Noga14, Urbanator and (imo) only a few more. it’s timeless art!

my only complaint would be the aliasing. especially pics with such res are perfect candidates for downsampling. (the DA ones)

define “original”.

more like where you can see a lot of effort and time has been put into. different scenarios, authentic, rather believable stuff in terms of what’s going on. pics you actually remember.
and maybe i’m just glad to see less and less “soldiers aiming off screen” pics lately here at FP, which is a neat change.

Thank you for your support, i really appreciate it. But my work was not without your models - it is a colossal collection of models.
And Crazy Knife, if you read this - thank you too.

PS. Sorry for my bad English:)

a pretty vague and case-sensitive description don’t you think. believability isn’t something you can apply to everything, especially abstract stuff, and “effort” is closely tied to the artist’s skill. a beginner can put as much effort into a landscape as they like but you can’t just expect it to be on the same level with a seasoned veteran’s work.

that’s a better way to put it

not at all. it’s pretty self-explanatory. of course you need to be skilled to make a scene authentic. and it do can work with abstract pics. one of Crazy Knifes Gmod Backgrounds would be a good example.
even a rookie can be original but it’ll be not much fun to look at. regardless how many hours and sweat has been put into the project. no one says else.

you don’t need to be skilled to be original. but you must be skilled to make it original.

Просто чудесна!

good editing.

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