Interest in cloud based donation system?

I’m not looking to advertise or anything of the sort.

I’m curious if server owners would be interested in a cloud based donation system where it’ll allow multiple servers based on a plan bought. Each server would get an API Key associated with the server and manage it on a single platform. The payments would be processed through Paypal (presumably, haven’t quite decided what i want to use yet, suggestions could help :cat:) and added to your account respectively.

Constructive feedback would be useful ^-^ thanks!

There are a few problems with your idea. Firstly, the amount the end server would receive would be charged twice by PayPal, meaning servers would have to increase the amount required for each pakage to make up the loss, however they stand to loose customers doing this.

Secondly, if someone decides to make a small enough donation, the net of that donation will be negative. This would require the people managing the donation system to reverse those transactions.

Thirdly, if end users decide to charge back after communities have withdrawn the money from the PayPal account, who pays for that? Do you chase after the community who received the now withdrawn donation, or do you split the debt between all the communities using this system?

All of these problems make your idea unfeasible. It’s a nice idea though, it just wouldn’t work.

Maybe so, however what if the payments were P2P? That way I’m only hosting the tools to allow donations for each server. The problem with chargebacks could happen with almost any system made for donations if there is a middleman to hold the funds until requested.