Interest in Community Driven Server? Admins? Rules?

Hey guys, been thinking about starting up a server. But wanted your feedback. I am tired of admin abuse, admin bias towards players, dumb rules, etc.

So, is there any interest in having a community driven server, where you guys vote which rules you like, and how you want a server to be ran?

I was thinking for the following as rules and settings.

No griefing: defined as pillaring someone’s base to prohibit the base from being used
No exploiting: defined as using an object in a way that wasn’t intended. Currently placing barricades up a single pillar
No hacking
No chat flooding

No crafted c4

Those are the only things that I have come up with. Other than that, I am open to suggestions, comments, concerns. Let me know what you would like.

I got this wacky Idea… Instead of creating another empty server, why dont you try one of the hundreds of servers in existence already, before complaining about admin abuse when you obviously have not tried every single one.

That is true, not all servers admin abuse, and when people say they are the really arent most of the time there playing legit like everyone else and then when the raid someones base or kill another group, people start screaming in chat “admin abuse”, "fuck this server and the admins, “STOP USING GODMODE” (most common and really annoying), but yea some people are sore losers and jst blame other people jst because the suck or lose at something, PS You guys should check out my server:

(User was banned for this post ("Don't advertise your server in random threads" - postal))

What are your mass drops?

I Resisted using this opportunity to shamelessly advertise my server so that you could I guess.

The server i play on basically lets everyone vote and have their say for just about every rule. (currently forums are getting spammed for some reason)

I sent you a pm