Interested in an anticheat

I have searched and looked around and even tried to develop my own anticheat with failure. I’m interested in purchasing one or having one made.

Things that it must do.

  1. Detect a bind like bind:aimbot or bind:+aim or anything that bots/hacks use
  2. Detect known hacks/lua bots, .dll’s and auto injectors if possible
  3. Block allow lua/sv-cheats that change server side variables.
  4. Kick and temp ban the person and print in chat the person who was hacking and log the hack in a .txt file
  5. I don’t want it to download the lua files like other anticheats do.

Contact me via PM on here.

This one seems to spam the person hacking with a cheat but does not warn or kick/ban or log anything (

This one works with kicking/detecting but downlaods all hacks server side which I don’t want. Also it randomly kicks every minute or so everyone on the server. It also does not tell who is hacking you have to maul through thousands of folders looking for any one that has used hacks… Horrid system. (

First off… wrong place. <-- Buy a coder
Second, if you know any basic amount of lua you could change the script to not grab the scripts, or you could delete them if you don’t want them.

EDIT: Tylers anti-cheat is a joke.

First of all this is Help & Support. Does it say I have to post in that specific thread?
Secondly half the posts in that thread are ignored and not many people help with out abusing the code in someway as I was took advantage of by someone from an earlier thread like that.

Also i posted 2 Examples… Does not mean I want that anticheat,

You said you wanted an anti-cheat, you posted in the wrong place so I told you, I don’t get why you have to argue with me?
About posts getting ignored, Look though the thread and find a “coder for hire” and ask for examples that have made before hiring them. It’s not difficult to get proof that they can code and be trusted before you pay them. You could also contact people they have previously worked for and ask them how they did.