Interested in hiring a mapper for two jungle like maps [$$$]


I’m not very good at mapping at all. I’ve tried, but I lack the skill and creativity for such a thing. Naturally what one would do in this situation is pay for the service so I figured I’d ask here for anyone looking to make some quick cash.

I’m doing a SFM video which is a parody of King Kong. I need two maps that are vital to the video. The video will be in black and white, so you don’t have to get too fancy with the texture work. They don’t need to be completely accurate, but I don’t want something as bad to the extent that I attempted here:

The maps pretty much need to be an idealistic approximation, not a 1:1 scale re-creation.

The first one is the tribal village in which the natives live. You do not have to make the huts because I will be putting them in SFM so that Kong may knock them over and such. I need both a daytime and a night time version. I will need to be able to open and close the gate so you do not have to model the doors because I do have a model in SFM already for doors of that nature. I also need the altar done (pics in reference)

Here are some reference pictures:

I also need Kong’s layer. This is just a simple mountain set up. Just some caverns connecting to the peak as seen below. This needs to be near dusk.

Reference picture:

If I had it my way I’d also like some other maps done, but I can’t let this run into too much money. The log pit, swamp, msc jungles and such would be nice but I mainly need these two maps.

I’m willing to pay $50.00 USD. I am willing to negotiate as well. I can only do PayPal or I can gift you a game of that value on Steam as well. You will also be credited of course and my videos tend to get a lot of traffic so it’s good exposure. If you want to contact me directly you can through Skype, Email, Steam, or just PM me. Please have references to your past work!

I need these maps in the next 2 weeks because I want this out by Halloween. The quality is what is to be expected within the time constraint. It doesn’t need to be perfect. I hope to see some responses soon!

$50 for a map in which every reference picture you have is in black and white(and being very low res anyways), along with a TWO WEEK time constraint…

That’s putting way too much pressure on the mapper for little payoff. It’s a lot of work in an insanely short amount of time. You might want to rethink that deadline a little…

I’m sorry I don’t have ultra HD quality pictures of an 80 year old movie. It’s the best I can do.

I also stated I was willing to negotiate a price. This is a spitball estimate and I don’t mean for the mapper to go unrewarded or under paid.

This comes off really snobbish. Did anybody ask for ultra HD quality?

I bring this up because if you plan on asking anyone for help, you better not diss them.

He stated every picture I had was in black and white and low res. As I said, the movie is very old and it’s the best I can do.

There’s nothing snobbish about it. I meant no disrespect.

it’s on blu ray.

I was talking about your tone, specificaly the hyperbole. No one asked for ultra HD pictures.

I believe you, though - just be careful with words.

I didn’t mean to sound really mean about it either. It’s just that 2 weeks is a crazy short deadline for any sort of semi-detailed map anyways, no matter the price. Real life always gets in the way and there’s no way it would get done in that time for sure.

The issue with the pictures is half low quality and half being in black and white. While, yes, you want the video in black and white anyways, it’s gonna be a bit hard to visualize (personally speaking, i can’t speak for anyone else on this) how the map should look color wise. If you’re throwing a filer on, the colors gotta be right so things don’t look odd. If you just want then entire map black and white itself, then any props you use would be in color and that also looks odd. If you throw a black and white filter on an already black and white color scheme, i dunno what that’ll do.

If anyone’s able to make that work out how you want it, well, then that side’s taken care of, but the deadline is still really short anyways. It ain’t a bad request because it has a good idea of what it wants to be, and has plenty of reference pictures (however the quality), and with a price actually put out, with negotiation as an option too. The big issue is how much of a hassle it might be for someone to confidently pick up the project and give you a result you want, and the time in which someone is allowed to do it in.

Once again, sorry if I can off being rude, but that stuff’s really important to a mapper when trying to take on a project, because it can result in an extreme amount of problems needed to overcome to put out something looking how you want it to look.

If you wish to ingore the drama and actually figure something out, add me on steam. PM me your steam name so I don’t insta-deny you tho.

I’d be interested in giving this a shot. I’ve gotten pretty good at making use of displacements, layers and 3D skyboxes. PM me if you are interested.

There’s absolutely no drama…

What are you talking about?