Interested in Rust; but I hear it runs like shit.

How well does rust run? Phenom II X4, 8gb, and hd7850 here. I don’t want to shell out $20 if it’s going to run sub 40fps all the time, or have to run it looking like pure shit.

I have around the same set up as you do and rust doesnt run too well for me so I dont play it very often and when I do, its only for a short amount of time

This is ram hungry game, ya will be fine with 8 gigs.

You’re going to have problems on busy servers. I run an FX-8320, which is a few generations newer than yours. 16 GB, SSD, Win 10, R9-280, etc. It’s better than it used to be but still struggles on servers with a lot of building activity.

Oddly enough I run better with almost max settings than I do at lowest settings. No idea why.

Honestly, I’m most interested in just exploring and building on my own, not raids and stuff. Does rust have a procedurally generated world where I can just fuck off away from everyone?

Yes, maps are procedurally generated, and almost all servers are different, except for hapis island and savas (savage) island which are pre made maps.

In a server with barely any buildings you’re computer should run rust just fine, if you start to play in high pop servers you might need to lower your settings a bit, but you should be able to get away with medium settings 60fps at the absolute lowest, and the game still looks great on medium.

The main performance killer in rust is mass amounts of buildings in highly populated servers. So if you’re only interested in exploring, building and learning the game, I would definitely suggest playing either a very low pop community server or even a completely dead community server, this way you can build explore and learn without the major annoyance of being raided and losing your stuff, at least until you know what you’re doing anyway. the first 100 or so hours I had in rust were playing in a practically empty server just building and exploring and learning the basics of the game, there’s A LOT to this game and it will take a long time to learn everything if you don’t search what to do on the Internet (which you shouldn’t need to at all) I found playing in a dead server really fun and was very immersive (i was playing 12 hours a day, sleeping then repeating for a while there) it got me completely addicted to the game, I’ve now got 1600 hours and rust is in my opinion the best game I’ve ever played. And it’s still growing and getting better all the time.

I would definitely recommend buying the game, I doubt you’ll regret it, Its an amazing game and it’s truly one of a kind.

But if you do buy it, make sure rust runs on your dedicated graphics card, rust seems to like to use integrated graphics and a lot of people have problems with this as they don’t realise it’s using their integrated card.

Just a warning, if your internet is powered by starch, don’t buy it. The game hates the living shit out of low end internet connections.

I call bullshit, not unless you’re literally running on dial up.

Most of my rust career I’ve played with the shittest internet imaginable in this day and age (100-200kbps, I know shocking, nbn gets installed tomorrow though, thank god) and we’ve always had two people playing with this connection and have never had a problem

Of your pc is a shit box that you watch your porn on then yea.
8 gbs is just there

I have a GeForce GTX 560M and it runs fine on my system. The only problem i have are the frames dropping when I enter cave but I think that has to do with map size.

Nah not the map size, this is a known bug, it doesn’t effect very many people though so they haven’t really done anything about it yet.

Me too, it runs the shit out of my processors and overheats my motherboard, but I’m never found a slow connection to be a problem. Have played it on some pretty low speed wifi connections…