Interested in Starting an Australian Flood Server

Hi there,
I have always been a keen player of find me’s flood mod. However Australia’s internet is bad enough and as the server is in America, the ping is always to high giving me a disadvantage.

I want to create one in Australia but I need to see if people will play it and how many (so I know how many slots)first, otherwise it will be a complete waste of money.

Flood mod:

If you would like to help develop the server please feel free to contact me @

Thank you,

‘Develop’ the server as in…pay for it??

I have an extra server located in UK

AS in help pay for it and work together to make decisions and rules for the server. So in otherwords, co-owning.

And Uk Servers are still kind of laggy, however I still may be interested.
How much per slot are you going to charge

I’ll play, I’ve been waiting for a good server ever since my server of choice went under. I guess I could also lend a hand in moderation etc if you need help.

Wait why is this topic in “server advertsment?”

Yeah sorry about that, I don’t know where else to put it.

General section?

This is not a advertisement.

Thats what i said.

thats what she said