Would you guys be interested if i posted a video of me and my mate having a bow war and also a long shot (with a bow) contest?

(User was banned for this post ("undescriptive thread title" - postal))


any reason why not?

Because we already have enough of that.
And it’s not really entertaining.

And your thread title needs more informations.
Otherwise the mods probably ban you for a day.

Tell me something you would like to see and then i will try make a video of it…

The mods would ban me for a day for a thread title? a little bit stupid that but i guess i can’t argue with the rules

Because the title says nothing about the content.
Already saw a lot of bans for that.

But no, I don’t want any Rust videos.
I can do that by myself if I want to.
But for sure you will find some people who want.