interesting gmod like game

me thinks with some tweaking it could be used for portable thumb drive gmod like game.
Also I thought this would be the best thread to put this in.

project link –
svn link –
demo link –

P.S. i did not make any of this i just wanted to bring it up. :v:

That’s pretty neat.

what i was thinking of is we could use it to make portable lan gamemodes like team fortress like game maybe a zombie survival game or maybe even a rts or rpg.

lan party or online

I thought this would be about JBMod :v:

It looks interesting, going to have a look.

It’s a bit of a downgrade on physics, though. I recall Source is based off of Quake, but I’m not sure.

It is, yes. There’s a nifty chart floating around on the internet that shows which engines were based off quake.

This one?

Which one?


i just played this at school today and i figured out that you can press alt and bring up a lua menu were you can load scripts.

i found something funny. someone made gm construct for quake 3

I don’t get what’s so good about this game…

It’s the reason why we can play GMod, or why you’re even writing on this forum at all.


Let alone Half-Life.

No Quake, no GoldSrc amirite?

Thats Quake I, my boy.

It’s just quake with like 2 client side scripts. I didn’t notice anything different.

But what’s good about Quake is that it started Half-Life (basically)

First major 3d FPS?

Well hmm, we already know Quake. What is the OP exactly bringing to us?

That’s what I’m wondering. This is just Quake with Lua added…

And GMod is just HL2 with Lua added.