Interesting house defense mechanisms

First on my list, a thing I use very very frequently - Spawn a wire door and put it where you want it. Hook it up to a bunch of AND gates with buttons and have 4 to 5 buttons so 4 or 5 people are needed to get into your house (or knowledge of the Wire User, but nobody seems to have that)

Second, not sure how to do this myself, but I’ve seen it done. A prop is used to wall of the area and is turned into a fading door. There is a tube next to it instructing people to drop money into the tube and when it has X amount in it the door opens. I loved that one. (Before you ask, you have to put a nocollide-all’d prop inside the tube so that people can’t pull the money out once it drops through the prop.)

Post any of your ideas or things you have seen done.

uh what

He’s asking, “How do you defend a house in Dark RP” I was once going to make a guide about this… If the server has wiremod I use tripmines with wire explosives/wire turret. The most easiest trap to make is a trap based on death falls. Make it so you have a roof which is nocollided with the walls, and then when someone is invading drop the roof on them.

Prop block.

That’s not really an “interesting” way to defend your house.

Im trying to get my auto-turret to behave the way i want it. Its hard without expression 2 and i just cant be bothered learning it.

How about this. Have an outer door that anyone can open. Then theres a second door above which theres a sign that says something like “vacade the premisces, you have 10 seconds to comply” with the number starting to cound down as soon as someone enters the room (target finder or ranger, prolly target finder). When the counter reaches zero the doors lock and the roof starts to slowly move down. You might need to make it accelerate the last part, cause im not sure if a slow moving crush is lethal. Of course, you need to be able to stop, lock/unlock and reset the system by yourself.

Anyone can make a bomb, but if you make it a really scary death its bound to keep people out.

That’s a variation on an “airlock” design. It usually works pretty well because you can leave either set of doors open, and no one can still get through it.

I use a bunch of buttons. Like hit this button and it makes this button appear, etc., etc.

Maybe this:
Vehicle (anyhing works). Andvanced pod controller linked to vehicle, terminate input linked to active output.

Profit (if anyone’s dumb enough to enter). Could also be used to “mine” a work-in-progress vehicle on a server (if there are douches stealing your car).

Well people’s reactions are interesting.

2nd amendment, if that doesn’t work, then the police. Or better yet, use both.