Interesting ideas for rust

Considering the game is still in alpha, there is a lot of room to mess around with the game. I have some ideas that i hope some day make it into the game, a few of which include:

Slingshots (fling your endless piles of stones at people)
Catapults/trebuchets (fling boulders at people/houses)
Bikes/any other faster transportation option (dune buggy’s, cars, horses)
Compound bow/crossbow (aiming with the standard hunting bow is difficult sometimes)
be able to detach attachments from weapons
Binoculars or similar item to view at long ranges (or maybe a scope for the bolt action)
The ability to throw your hand rock at people (and retrieve it like you will hopefully be able to do with arrows soon)
Ability to grow crops

And most important of all:
activate EAC as soon as possible plis

EDIT:admin/mod pls move this thread into the suggestions subforum, posted in wrong section